TinyMCE Ordered & Unordered Lists

Adding Ordered or Unordered lists using Plone's TinyMCE is quick and includes several different display options.

TinyMCE Unordered List OptionTinyMCE Ordered List OptionWhen adding an Ordered list in Plone's TinyMCE editor, you are offered several different options for the list. You can choose from the default numerical order setting or displaying the list with lower or Uppercase alpha setting, lower or uppercase Greek setting and lover or uppercase Roman numerals setting.

Plone TinyMCE Ordered List Display Options

Default option:
  1. Default EG 1
  2. Default EG 2
Lower Greek option:
  1. Lower Greek EG 1
  2. Lower Greek EG 2
Lower Alpha option:
  1. Lower Alpha EG 1
  2. Lower Alpha EG 2
Upper Alpha option:
  1. Upper Alpha EG 1
  2. Upper Alpha EG 2
Lower Roman option:
  1. Lower Roman EG 1
  2. Lower Roman EG 2
Upper Roman option:
  1. Upper Roman EG 1
  2. Upper RomanEG 2


The Unordered list in Plone's TinyMCE offers you the choice of the default dot, a circle, a disk or a square.