Functions - Time Critical and Display Properties

If you require control over the public access of time critical information, Plone allows you to do this via the Properties tab. The Publication & Expiration Date option controls when the item is visible and for what duration. This would be useful for Stock Market releases, Job applications etc. when you need item viewing to be restricted to a certain time period.

Time Critical and Navigatiion OptionsThe Properties tab in Plone 5 allows you to control a Publication Date - used if an item must not be available for viewing until after a specific date and time.

The Expiration Date would be used if a released item must only be available until a specific date - for instance Job applications.

Plone also allows you to enter information like Copyright text, the Creator and Contributor(s) information.

Some items need to be excluded from the navigation, Plone has always allowed this functionality but it was a little hidden in previous versions. Plone 5 has this option under the Properties tab. By default, all items are displayed in the navigation if they are 'checked' in the item type list. If you have created an item that you do not want to display in navigation, it can be removed by ticking the 'Yes' for the "Exclude fro navigation" question.

Remember to click the 'Apply' button if you want your changes to be kept.