Restricted Member Access

Do you need multi-level security access on your website? Do you need to restrict access to different pages, documents or areas on your website quickly and easily? The Plone platform provides functionality to give you the ability to do this via Workflow States and User Groups. You can add or remove authority access, as and when required, to any restricted areas of your website.

Plone websites give you the ability to control multiple levels of access to your website content via Workflow States and User Groups. Workflow States control what is visible to the general public and what has restricted access. Authorised Users can access restricted content if they belong to the appropriate User Group(s).

Content with a Workflow State of ‘Public Draft’ or ‘Published’ is visible to everyone.

If the content has a Workflow State of ‘Private’,  only Users who have been added to the appropriate Authorised User Group(s) will be allowed viewing rights.

In regards to administering restricted access, we recommend/advise the following:

  • Authority to view content is given to a Group – never to an individual user. When an individual leaves, it is easier to remove them from their Group(s) than to go through the whole site and remove them from each and every item they have been authorised to view or edit.
  • Group names reflect who is in them and what they should be able to view. For instance Group names could be – CEO, Directors, Shareholders, Managers, Board Members
  • Groups can hold as many Users as need be
  • Users can belong to as many Groups as required
  • Several Groups can be given permission to view the same item
  • Groups default to viewing only rights but editing permission can be added as required
  • Keep User information up to date by removing Users from Groups promptly when they no longer are authorised to access the restricted areas & content

Note: The default Workflow States are 'Private' , 'Public Draft' & 'Published'. Additional Workflow States can be added as required, for instance 'Review' if submitted changes must be reviewed before the item is ‘Published’.

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