Domain Name Registration Administration

We are happy to administer your domain names on your behalf. We register, renew, transfer domain names on behalf of our clients and ensure the domain names are renewed on time. If your domain name is not renewed on time, your website will become unavailable, so it is important to make sure domain names do not expire.

What is a Domain Name:

A Domain name is a unique name that identifies and locates an entity on the Internet - EG your website. The 'A' record of a Domain Name is linked to an IP address which in turn points to the corresponding website. Whoever controls the Domain name, and therefore the 'A' record, controls where that Domain name is pointed. It is therefore important to keep your Domain name secure. The Domain name is an on going expense which needs to be renewed, usually annually. Non payment of your Domain results in the Domain name being released & your website becoming unavailable. That is why we prefer to administer our clients Domains on their behalf. We ensure our clients Domain names are secure and do not expire unless the client wants them to.

Why more than one Domain Name:

You can have more than 1 Domain name linked to the same Internet address. Businesses register domain names that are similar to their original domain name to stop anyone from registering a 'like' name and confusing their customers. For instance you could register any number of variances of 'look4' such as 'lookfor' and 'lookfour' & register them with different suffix options all pointing to the same website. This will stop someone else from registering the domain name and possibly taking your customers:     ,     , ,   ,   , , , ,

Originally a Domain name suffix represented the type of business the Domain name represented. EG = a company, .com = a commercial website, .org = an organization etc. This was followed by the country of origin .nz = New Zealand, .au = Australia etc. However over time the suffix has become a little 'muddied' and can no longer be used to distinguish the type of business the website represents.

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