Plone Training

New to Plone? We offer an extensive range of Training Packages including a Package tailored to your specific needs. Fill out the form below to contact us about organising a training session.

Plone Training Request:

We are happy to tailor courses to suit your specific needs or you can select a course or courses from the list of standard available packages as listed below. We provide Plone training for individuals or groups with training either at our office or on-site at a location requested by you *. Sessions are $25 per half hour, excl GST.

* If travel costs are involved, these will be charged as per the cost of traveling to your location & accommodation if applicable.

If you are interested in one of our training sessions, please fill in the form below.

Plone L1: entry level

  • P-L1 is ideal for those new to Plone and covers the basics like Adding, Editing, and Deleting content. The session takes between 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

Plone L2: intermediate

  • P-L2 is aimed at those who have used Plone but only on a basic level. It covers areas like changing a page layout, adding complex forms, creating collections etc.

Plone L3: advanced

  • P-L3 is for those who are very familiar with Plone and covers areas such as 'Categories', 'Users and Groups' secure authority access permissions, sharing etc.

Plone L4: products

  • P-L4 covers how to make the most of products you have on your site or products that you do not currently have on you site but your site may benefit from including.

Plone L5: Re-fresher

  • P-L5 is a general all purpose summary of Plone & all its functionality. It is ideal for those familiar with Plone but having questions on various aspects. Generally this session targets specific areas as requested by attendees.

Plone L6: Upgrade

  • P-L6 is tailored for those clients who are familiar with an older version of Plone but have moved onto a later version. The course will cover differences between the versions as well as any specific areas of interested as requested by attendees.