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PlanBookTravel is a travel website which has a comprehensive list of thousands of places to visit, events to partake in, sights to see, and places to stay.

PlanBookTravel - websitePlanBookTravel - explore with us The challenge with the PlanBookTravel website was to display the many features available on the site while retaining a clean clear display. The site has so much information on it, that keeping the site user friendly was our main target.

The PlanBookTravel website has a very large database which contains thousands of events, tours, attractions, restaurants, businesses, accommodation, hire etc information. The function of this site is for visitors to find their ideal holiday and organise it all from one place including accommodation, activities, events, tours etc so they can go on holiday and have everything booked / planned in advance enabling them to enjoying their dream holiday.

If you are not sure about what to do or where to go, have a look at our inspiration page to give you some ideasThe information on the site is compiled from information provided by several tourist boards. TheVirtual provided the back-end functionality to pull all this information together and display it in a search friendly format. With so much information, how do you display everything without the site becoming overpowering & visitors overwhelmed?

With this in mind, we created an 'Inspiration' page. Somewhere for travelers to go to get started. Even so, the number of options could still number in the thousands.

Filter your Search criteria to narrow down your search to a specific item like event, accommodation, location etcThe search functionality allows a 'filter' option to help narrow down a search, as well as the option to search only for a specific type of activity. EG only list 'Events' or 'accommodation' or 'tours' etc at a specific destination.