Featured Showcase - DAXGroup

The DAXGroup is a 'Project Delivery' building company. This website is fully customised from the public-facing pages which market their services, through to a customised, function rich, back-end intranet/extranet that records each step of the building process from start to finish for each of their projects.

The DAXGroup mobile friendly website features a handful of public marketing pages including a clean concise homepage with carousel, a Services page and Contact page with embedded map. Each public page displays a different high resolution banner image show-casing a past DAXGroup project.

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Our mission was to remove all the paper work involved in a Building Project. The DAXGroup website displays & records all the information / status of each of their building projects, what has been done, what is in progress, what it is waiting on, what is required next. As each step in the building process is completed & signed off online, an email is automatically sent to the person responsible for the next step in the process. They can then log in and check the information that has been uploaded into the system and sign off on the task if everything is in order. This would then generate an email to be sent to the next person etc.  All relevant information is uploaded or entered online for quick referral making the entire process streamlined. With all the relevant information loaded & retained for each project, authorised users can review any phase, of any project, as required - if they have the authority to access the project.

Functionality is accessed via a 'log in' process and users are given specific authority to access projects they are involved with only. Project information contains steps such as Building Proposals, Proposal approvals, Site Visits, General Comments, Meeting minutes, Incident reports, Photos, Activities to do, Progress reports etc.

The information is clearly displayed under each project heading. Progress can be followed online at any time & as each project is created to the exact specifications for each project this maximise's productivity. We recently added additional functionality to streamline the DAX/client communication across multiple projects.

The website is fully responsive to allow on-site usage on a variety of devices, including tablets and phones, this ensures project managers can enter information as they receive it and easily keep track of updates across multiple sites.

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