About us

TheVirtual are a Christchurch based web development company who specialise in Plone CMS website platforms. We work in partnership with or clients to develop a website tailored to their business needs. Our Plone platforms are responsive (mobile friendly) and scale-able which allows your website to grow and change with your business. Plone provides a secure platform for your website and we back this up by providing a secure hosting package, this ensures your website has the best protection that we can provide.

Plone web development specialists since 1999

We have been building websites from our home base in Christchurch since 1999. We spent a lot of the 90's working on everything from micro-controllers to mainframes - we provided extensive consultancy to government departments, migrated complex databases, and were involved in a couple of 'ahead of their time' invention-driven web based projects.

During this period we kept encountering people who had more complex web requirements than their websites could provide. There was a need for a web platform that provided CMS functionality along with supporting the development of complex back-end web solutions. It was around this time that we came across Zope. Zope, an open source web application server, looked set to fufill a lot of these requirements. It was out of this community that the more fully fledged - content management system - Plone was born. 

The global community of developers continue to add features and improvements and have kept Plone at the forefront of enterprise grade CMS. Find out more about Plone, its excellent feature set, and why it is a great starting point for your web project.

Our Websites range widely in complexity and purpose, we thrive on a challenge, and we follow up by providing our clients with a secure hosting package on our own servers. Our clients can rest assured that we look after the technical side of things, so they don't have to.

The real people behind theVirtual:

Despite the misleading name, there are real people sitting behind desks on the other end of theVirtual's Contact Form. There is also someone by a phone if you prefer to chat, we would love to hear from you.

We strive to provide the best service we can for our clients & this is reflected in the longevity of our client base.

Open source philosophy

We are firm believers in open source software and use it at every level of our operation. The benefits include decreased software costs, improved security and stability, and the ability to debug and fix any issues that arise in the source code. This collective approach also means that there is a much wider developer base working on a project and it is delivered at a fraction of the cost, with no ongoing licensing fees!

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